28th – 30th April 2014

Kilkenny, Ireland

The conference. Reinvented.

Úll is a conference where people truly come first. We focus deeply on the attendee experience. We bring together talks, interviews, feature presentations, podcasts and lots of social time.

Our attendees go away having made new friends, potential partners, useful connections, knowledgeable confidantes. We care about building strong, valuable relationships.


The Speakers

Hand-picked to get the conversations started.


Dave Wiskus

Designer at QBranch

Dave Wiskus is the designer behind Vesper and the voice behind Unprofessional. Continuing a theme, Dave was one of the last to speak last year, so he’ll be first this time.


Amanda Rösler

Developer at TocaBoca

As a company, TocaBoca are redefining the lines between apps and toys, between learning and enjoyment. In that context, Amanda will share her insights into building apps for kids.


Lisa Maree Domican

Creator of Grace App

After Charles Perry’s sensational talk last year on application accessibility, we’re looking forward to Lisa’s thoughts on helping people with special needs through applications.


Benjamin de Cock

Designer at Stripe

We’re always eager to hear from world-class designers at Úll, and selfishly, even more so when they hail from Europe. Ben’s work on Stripe is the epitome of harmonious form and function.

The Show

An evening of interviews, music and entertainment, hosted by Jason Snell and Guy English.


Jason Snell

Editor in Chief of Macworld

A man who needs no introduction, Jason heads up Macworld magazine, and is a blogging and podcasting tour-de-force.


Guy English

Organiser of Çingleton

Another frequent blogger and podcaster, Guy is also a co-host of the Cingleton Symposium, a theme-driven conference in Montreal.

The Feature Presentations

Self-contained sessions that run in parallel that are more than just talks and take full advantage of the amazing space that is Lyrath.


Michael Lopp

Rands in Repose

Michael is the backbone against which Úll is propped. He’s also rather fond of Instagram. Watch this space.


Jean MacDonald

Founder of App Camp for Girls

Jean has recently left her post at Smile to teach girls about software full-time. She will draw on that experience for a presentation on building apps from a teaching perspective.


Linda Franco

Co-Founder of Machina

Doing crazy stuff with clothing and technology, with healthy doses of free-software, DIY, politics and (h)activisim.


Jennifer Brook

Independent Researcher and Designer

Jennifer loves books more than anything, and she uses that love to drive decisions in UX design and experience.


Jim Dalrymple

Founder of The Loop Insight

Most recently seen cavorting with Soundgarden, Jim is equal parts terrifying and loveable. It’s his amazing voice and passion for music that will inform his feature presentation.

The Dinner

A three course meal preceded by John Gruber’s inimitable keynote.


John Gruber

Founder of Daring Fireball

John continues to be one of the most expressive, clear thinkers in the tech blogging world. He commands a huge audience of loyal readers, and he’s still killing it after more than 10 years. His Úll keynotes have been mesmerising and delightful for the past two years, and it’s a dream come true that he’ll join us for the hat-trick.


The Setting

Úll 2014 takes place in Lyrath Estate, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland. Lyrath is a five star hotel built around the shell of an old Victorian country manor. It features a convention centre, a spa, two restaurants, a café, an expansive foyer, an old house, a games room, a wine bar and, oh, 170 acres of parkland.

Just as in the past we said that Dublin is the ultimate conference city, Lyrath is the ultimate conference venue, and it will be the home of Úll for 3 days.


The Schedule

This year’s schedule is designed around exploring everything that Lyrath has to offer. Talks and interviews happen on the first day to ease you in to the huge space. The second day is all about exploring and choosing your own path. The final day, as ever, is for hanging out.


Monday April 28th


Tuesday April 29th


Wednesday April 30th


Monday April 28th


Tuesday April 29th


Wednesday April 30th

The Mailing List

If you'd like to keep up to date with Úll, just give your details to our volunteer and he'll pass them along to us.

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The Sponsors

Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors for this year's event.