Speaker Announcement: Adding John Gruber, Michael Lopp, Lisa Maree Domican

Mar 10, 2014 by Dermot Daly

The countdown to Úll 2014 is on, and we’re getting excited. Ticket sales are better than ever, speaker enthusiasm is high, and the sense of anticipation here is growing.

In that context of anticipation, we’re delighted to announce that John Gruber will once again join us this year. John’s state-of-the-union style address has captivated us two years running, and has been a highlight of the conference on both occasions. We’re happy to say he’ll be back in the president’s seat as it were, and he’ll once again speak before dinner on the second night.

There’s an old saying in the industry “Where goes a Gruber goes a Lopp”. It’s certainly true for Úll. Like John, Michael Lopp, AKA Rands, will join us again this year. Michael wrapped up the talks on the first day of our first year, and he kicked things off last year. This year, expect something different. All we’re saying is: you follow him on Instagram, right?

Along with John and Michael, we’re also delighted to announce that Lisa Maree Domican will be speaking at Úll. Lisa, originally from Australia, hails nowadays from Co. Wicklow, a stone’s throw from this year’s venue. She produced the award winning Grace app. After Charles Perry’s sensational talk last year on application accessibility, we’re looking forward to Lisa’s thoughts on helping people with special needs through applications.

Our next-to-last batch of tickets just sold out, and the last opportunity to get tickets for this year’s conference will be next Tuesday, 18th March.