The Úll/Omakase 5k

Mar 14, 2014 by Paul Campbell

I’m delighted to announce that we’re partnering with Omakase to run a charity 5k race during Úll this year.

We first had the idea to run a 5k when we asked Josh Clark, the creator of Couch to 5k, back to speak this year (Josh was a fantastic speaker at the first Úll).

Unfortunately, Josh was otherwise engaged for this year’s Úll. That’s not stopping us, we figured out a way to do good. Theresa Preston-Werner, founder of Omakase will join us on a very relaxed 5k run. What better way to experience the beautiful Kilkenny countryside around Lyrath?!

Omakase is currently promoting its Tech Cares movement, and it’s one we’re proud to stand behind.

Those of you who were at Úll 2013 will remember Matt Gemmell’s rallying cry to look after thyself. We’re taking up this challenge.

If you want to join the run (or jog, walk, crawl), we’re asking for a minimum $10 donation, but you can donate however much you like. Register at this link.