Úll 2014 Logistics

Jan 20, 2014 by Paul Campbell

We’re just about ready to start sharing some more information about this year’s conference including some exciting news about our speakers and Úll’s new format.

First though: logistics.

For those who have already bought or are planning to buy tickets, here’s some essential information about where to be, what to book, and what your various options are.

Here are the pertinent start and end times:

Sunday 27th of April (Optional)

  • 8pm: Meetup in Dublin City
    Note: This is for any early arrivals who want to meet up and get acquainted.

Monday 28th of April

  • 12 Noon: Registration opens in Lyrath
  • 2pm: The conference starts

Wednesday 30th April

  • 2pm – Later: Podcasts, food and mingling.

If you’ve been to Úll before, you’ll know that the last day is traditionally held in the Odessa Club and is comprised of podcasts, chilling out, mingling, and chatting about the previous two days. We’ll be doing the same this year, only in Lyrath. You can choose when to leave, stay another night at Lyrath if you wish, or head back up to Dublin for some big city midweek night-life! It’s your choice.

Úll this year is in Lyrath, a big estate about 5 minutes outside of Kilkenny town by taxi. Kilkenny is one of the easiest places in Ireland to get to. Here are some options if you’re travelling from Dublin.

Check out the Lyrath website for how to get there.

See you in April!