Úll 2014 Speakers

Feb 04, 2014 by Kilian McMahon

It’s time to talk about speakers. We’re bringing in some new ones, and we’ll have some familiar faces too.

We already told you last year about our three returnees:

Jim Dalrymple – Editor in chief of the Loop Insight and the Loop magazine, podcaster at Amplified, lover of rock music. He’s making his third appearance.

Jennifer Brook – UX designer extraordinaire & designer of New York Times iPad app. This will be Jennifer’s second Úll visit.

Matt Gemmell – Former iOS developer, writer and blogger, now turned full time writer. In year one Matt spoke about being true to your app idea. In year two he told us why we need to look after ourselves. In year three, we’ll see how looking after himself led to his career change.

There’s one more person returning.

Dave Wiskus – Since last year Dave has led the design of Vesper at Q-Branch. Vesper is a wonderfully crafted app for collecting your thoughts. Dave will talk about app design. He may even podcast.

Today, we’re announcing 5 new speakers

Jean MacDonald - Jean founded the wonderful App Camp For Girls movement. She is calling her feature “Crossing the Geek Divide”. We met at WWDC last year, and her passion was obvious.

Jason Snell - If seven years being editor in chief of Macworld magazine wasn’t enough, Jason is now SVP and Editorial Director over Macworld Magazine, Techhive and PC World. He also hosts The Incomparable podcast. Jason recently interviewed Apple executives Phil, Bud and Craig for a piece on 30 years of the Mac.

Guy English - Guy is a veteran Mac & iOS developer, co-creator of Napkin, podcaster and one of the guys behind Çingleton. We’ve always looked up to Ç, so we’re delighted he’s agreed to be part of Úll.

Amanda Rösler - Amanda is a games developer at Toca Boca. We love Toca Boca’s work—who doesn’t?—and have had them in our sights since year one. Amanda will tell us how their apps trigger kids' imaginations.

Linda Franco - Co-founder of Machina, Linda is one of the pioneers of wearable technology. Wired magazine called their products “The most beautiful wearable tech [of 2013].”

We have a few more speakers to add in the coming weeks but for now let us simply say we cannot wait for you to see what our speakers have in store for April.